Quality Policy

    With three decades of experience in the field of air traffic control, Aeronav continues to strengthen its reputation by the recognition of its clientele, whether they be ANSP’s, airport authorities or contractors worldwide.

    To achieve this, we direct our business strategies, and the realisation of projects with short and long-term goals. A comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs is at the heart of our Quality Policy, with the following objectives:

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Adherence to ISO 9001 : 2015 standards and associated regulations and requirements
    • The commitment to continuously improve the efficiency of the processes of our quality management system

    Customer satisfaction is contingent upon our mission, vision, company values and leadership. We work with a commitment from all our partners; whether clients, employees or suppliers.


    Our mission

    "Maintain and improve the security
    of air traffic control systems."

    Our mission as an integrator and manufacturer is to support our clients in turnkey and tailor-made projects, requiring expertise and knowledge with ICAO regulations.

    Our vision

    "We Guide the Way."

    Understanding our clients' needs and ensuring their complete satisfaction through a personalized approach. Guiding our employees through business processes and ensuring their satisfaction and well-being. Guiding the company towards success and sustainability.

    Our values

    "Rigor, respect, team work."

    Rigor: Aeronav is renowned for its rigor and efficiency, with this approach, we ensure the efficient execution of the projects and good management of the company.

    Respect: Respect is a fundamental value of the company; for customers, staff, regulations and environmental standards.

    Teamwork: At Aeronav, a collegial atmosphere exists, each sharing his expertise and experience with his colleagues.

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