Integrated ATC Solutions

    Aeronav specializes in Integrated Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems.

    Aeronav services range from design, integration, installation, training and maintenance services to global turn-key solutions.

    Technical and consulting services with expertise in the following areas:

    • Air Traffic Control System Integration Solutions
    • VHF/UHF/HF radio communications
    • Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS)
    • Recording Systems
    • Time Generating Systems
    • Meteorological Systems
    • VSAT Networks
    • PABX/Intercom/Telephone
    • Microwave radio systems
    • Radar Display
    • Fiber Optic systems
    • Remote control and monitoring
    • Operator consoles

    The quality and durability of Aeronav systems speak for themselves. We conduct all engineering, design, manufacturing, logistic and service activities in accordance with ISO standards.

    After-sales support activities include the provision of spare parts and documentation, factory and on-site training, as well as long-term maintenance and technical support. Aeronav field teams are experienced in installing and commissioning systems worldwide.

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    T +1 (514) 695-0820 F +1 (514) 695-1397